ELIXIR 2019 Annual Report

ELIXIR has recently published its Annual Report for 2019. The report focuses on the collective endeavour of more than 700 experts from 22 ELIXIR nodes towards the Strategic Objectives defined in the 2019–2023 Scientific Programme.


6º Fórum de Gestão de Dados de Investigação

José Pereira Leal and Ana Portugal Melo, President and Executive Director of | ELIXIR PT, respectively, have participated in the "6º Fórum de Gestão de Dados de Investigação", dedicated to reinforce the alignment of the national science and technology infraestructure roadmap with international initiatives, showing the perspective of | ELIXIR PT regarding practices, policies and services for data management and FAIR data.

D-cellerate released!

After two years in development, is proud to release D-cellerate, the single-cell RNA analysis tool.
Example of some of D-cellerate's analysis functions
Example of some of D-cellerate's analysis functions

Open Data Policy Lab

The Open Data Policy Lab, a resource hub from the Governance Lab (GovLab), aims to educate decision-makers on the responsible use of open data and its value through the identification of best practices and initiatives in the field that might be a benefit to society and a significant contribution to the economy. Open Data Policy lab logo