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About Us

Our Organisation is overseen by the General Assembly, composed by the legal representatives of its associates.

The Administration Council is responsible for managing

The External Advisory Board is composed of 3-5 external experts providing regular assessment and advice to the technical and scientific activities of

The Fiscal Council oversees accounting.

The ELIXIR PT Head of Node leads the Portuguese Node of ELIXIR and ensures the fullfilment of its commitment before the European ELIXIR consortium.

The operational branch of is organised in three categories:


Gather researchers that identify gaps in data management, tools and computing resources in different life science domains (e.g. plants, microbiotechnology, sea and health).


support communities to fill the gaps, creating new services and training modules.


Developed and maintained by for the national and international R&I community.


Our Mission organises and adds value to the biological data generated by Portuguese R&I organisations, academic and private, enhancing investment and value creation through a National Platform of Biological Information, applicable to different scientific domains. Computing resources, bioinformatics and data management services, as well as training are offered to capacitate platform users'.


Our Vision supports the transformation of Portugal in a country with the ability to conduct research and innovation with large volumes of biological data. Portuguese organisations will be capable of translating these data into innovation for new research, products and services.

Our values

  • Trust: we respect and protect your data
  • Collaboration: we work in partnership
  • Excellence: we have an internationally recognized team of experts
  • Innovation: we support the translation of knowledge into new services and products

Our Story Timeline


Administration Council

Administration Council Member
Administration Council Member
Administration Council President
Administration Council Vice-President
Administration Council Vice-President

Board of the General Assembly

General Assembly Board First Secretary
General Assembly Board President
General Assembly Board Second Secretary

External Advisory Board

External Advisory Board Chair
External Advisory Board Member
External Advisory Board Member
External Advisory Board Member

Management Unit

Executive Director
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Community and Events Manager
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Project and Administrative Assistant
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Bioinformatics Technician
Works for: INESC-ID

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Social HQ

Associação BIP4DAB
Rua da Quinta Grande, 6
2780-156 Oeiras

Management Unit Lisbon

INESC-ID, Room 401
Rua Alves Redol, 9
1000-029 Lisboa

Managment Unit Braga

CEB UMinho
Campus de Gualtar
Rua da Universidade
4710-057 Braga
Braga, Portugal