Latest News and Events

  • New resource!

    Cymon Cox, Gianluca de Moro and João Machado, members of the Marine Resources Community from the Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR), have led the effort to develop an online marine genomic resource to aid community-driven annotation of marine eukaryotes in the scope of a EOSC-Life demonstrator project.  eosclifed


  • New article released!

    Ana Portugal Melo, our Executive Director, has recently published an article in the Agronomy journal regarding the impact of rice cultivation and off-season period on the dynamics of soil enzyme activities and bacterial communities in Mozambique.  rice_APM


  • Discover a new Research Data Management tool — RDMKit

    Today, the ELIXIR-CONVERGE project releases one of its main outputs — the RDMkit. Developed and managed by those who work daily with life science data, this research data management kit provides a comprehensive guide with best practices applicable to projects from start to end. RDMkit_logo
  • GDPR in a nutshell!

    The sixth edition of our Talks was held online on the last Wednesday, March 24th. During this session, we had the pleasure of having Hanne Elsen, Data Protection Officer at the University of Ghent, who gave us an insight regarding the application of the General Data Protection Regulation in research especially when involving health data. BDTalks:GDPR