Talks: What Makes it Challenging to Establish a Federated EGA node? The experience of ELIXIR Norway

The fourth edition of our Talks was held online on the last Thursday, January 21st, to an audience of 45 participants.

During this session, Kjell Petersen, ELIXIR Norway’s Technical Coordinator from the University of Bergen, outlined how challenging it is to establish a national health data ecosystem being particularly focused on the deployment of local instances of the Federated European Genome-Phenome Archive (FEGA).

We would like to thank all participants for their interest and specially Kjell for his availability and enthusiastic engagement in this utterly important and prevailing discussion.

Make sure you don’t miss the next Talks where we will be talking about managing research data in the bioindustry with Paulo Maia and Simão Soares from SilicoLife. Save the date and see you there!

- Managing Research Data in the Bioindustry, February 23rd, 5 pm WET