Latest News and Events

  • Ready for BioData Management?


    R4BD Scientific data production is increasing at an exponential rate, and with this has become fundamental to acquire adequate data management practices and compliance with FAIR data principles., the Portuguese Infrastructure for Biological Data, and the Portuguese Node of ELIXIR identified that need and, in 2019, launched Ready for BioData Management? 
  • RDMkit

    rdm1 One of the main outputs of the ELIXIR-CONVERGE project - the RDMKit - was released this year. This new tool for research data management is the result of a joint effort made by 8 ELIXIR Nodes. To find out more about this open community project read the article we just released on our website.
  • 2nd GenomePT Symposium 2021

    symposium On the 7th of June, a diverse panel of speakers got together to talk about genomics and bioinformatics. Among them it is noteworthy to mention Mário Gaspar da Silva, our Vice-President and Head of Node. He talked about’s mission and story and how this non-for-profit private association has been providing solutions in data management and state of the art data analysis.