On the 27th and 28th of September 2017, a meeting was held at iBET, to build a domain ontology for plant phenotyping data.

Several ELIXIR nodes and observers were represented in this workshop: ELIXIR- FR: Cyril Pommier, Guillaume Cornut, Nordine El Hassouni (INRA), Marie Angélique Laporte (Bioversity International-Agro Ontology); ELIXIR-PT: Célia Miguel, Inês Chaves, Bruno Costa (iBET), Daniel Faria (IGC), ELIXIR-NL: Evangelia Papoutsoglou and EPPN2020: Hanna Cwiek (Polapgen / Emphasis).

During the first day there were several presentations:BrAPI, Agro Ontology, PEAO, IFB Pheno Ontology and MIAPPE/Emphasis Pheno Ontology, in order to present the several resources important for achieving the proposed goal
The meeting produced the backbone of the MIAPPE formalization in RDF that is RDA-WDI compliant. This work is still in progress.

RDF - Resource Description Framework
RDA - Research Data Alliance
WDI - Wheat Data Interoperability