Data and Interoperability Platform

Description and Goals:

The goal of the Data and Interoperability Platform of (B-DIG) is to drive the use, re-use and value of life science data in Portugal. It aims to do this by providing users with robust, long-term sustainable data resources and encouraging the life science community to adopt data management best practices, such as standardised file formats, metadata, vocabularies and identifiers.


As a member of this Platform you will:

  • Integrate a network of experts dedicated to producing, sharing and analysing high quality life science data.
  • Contribute to the establishment of best practices in data management.
  • Gain privileged access to the platform to disseminate your tools and datasets to the wider community.
  • Promote Open Science and FAIR Data principles.


How it works

  • The main communication channel of the members of this Platform is a dedicated Slack channel inside workspace: 
  • The group has quarterly online meetings, which will begin in September 2022. 


Facilitators: Cátia Pesquita (FCUL) and Daniel Faria (FCUL).


Contact: via Slack channel (please contact in case you have not yet joined Slack,