SeagrassTraitDB is a global data base of seagrass traits. It integrates world-wide seagrass trait data in one consistent format. SeagrassTraitDB is based on data sets contributed by seagrass scientists. Plant Traits are any morphological, anatomical, biochemical, physiological or phenological feature measurable at the individual level, from the cell to the whole organism. The individual is considered to lie at the heart of the ecological and evolutionary processes as it is at its level that acclimation and adaptation occur. The responses of individuals determine those of populations and communities and thus the dynamics and functioning of ecosystems.

The aim of SeagrassTraitDB is to integrate and make available global empirical data of seagrass traits. We expect that this will contribute to understand and predict how the expression of the functional diversity of seagrass individuals varies along environmental gradients and how it translates into the higher levels of population and community structure, and of ecosystem functioning.

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