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Tons of biological data are being generated daily by life and health science researchers. It is thus rather critical to follow the best data management practices to ensure these are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. Such practices can boost your scientific discovery.

This workshop will introduce you to and its team that are eager to provide you with the necessary means to support biological data management best practices in your research institution, research group, or project. 

A successful story will be shared as well as an ongoing research project that is FAIR based. There will be an opportunity to discuss with the panel as well as to take part in a group session and share your opinion on these topics.


15h00 - Welcome including housekeeping 

15h05 - Introduction to | ELIXIR Portugal 
            Ana Portugal Melo ( | ELIXIR-PT)

15h15 - Plant Sciences Research and Interoperability 
            Célia Miguel (ForGen, FCUL) & Daniel Faria (LASIGE, FCUL) 

15h25 - Building a FAIR knowledge graph for personalized oncology
            Marta Silva (LASIGE, FCUL)

15h45 - Q&A
            Cátia Pesquita (LASIGE, FCUL)

16h00 - Break 

16h15 - Group Session

16h35 - Plenary session 
            Cátia Pesquita (LASIGE, FCUL)

16h55 - Closure 


Ana Portugal Melo ( | ELIXIR-PT)

Cátia Pesquita (LASIGE, FCUL) 

Célia Miguel (ForGen, FCUL) 

Daniel Faria (LASIGE, FCUL) 

Marta Silva (LASIGE, FCUL)


- Life Sciences Researchers


- Free but mandatory, due to limited places.



The Code of Conduct has been adapted from ELIXIR Hub Code of Conduct for Events so all participants at events can interact with each other in a respectful and safe environment safeguarding their personal integrity in case they believe there has been a breach to this Code of Conduct.


Please note that the event will be recorded.

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