This week was dedicated to the agritech industry in a workshop that reunited an international and very enthusiastic panel of speakers.

On the first day, we had the pleasure of having Monika Solanki. During her presentation, the principal data scientist of Agrimetrics explained to us how more productive and sustainable food systems can be created and how semantic knowledge graphs can contribute to that.

Fred Van Ex, from INARI, opened the second day and gave us a glance at what INARI is and how they work to increase seeds potential and improve crops. 

During the Round Table session, were discussed the benefits and potential of FAIR Data Principles and of their application in the agritech sector, using as an example the two ELIXIR-PT projects made in collaboration with The Navigator Company and Phenospex. How BrAPI and MIAPPE contributed to the need of these companies to make data highly accessible and what are the expectations and perceived challenges to the future of these partnerships were also addressed.

We want to thank all participants and the panel of speakers and chairs for these very informative days!

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