Ready for BioData Management? has a video! Stop for a moment. has the vision of promoting life and health scientists’ literacy to manage the data generated by their research as a way to foster its reuse. The FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles are paramount and funding agencies and publishers are relying heavily on data management best practices to ease the economic burden of data redundancy, data loss and other consequences of poor management of research data.

This is the motto for the onset and continuous improvement of the “Ready for BioData Management?”, a unique capacity building programme in data management for life and health sciences, that rapidly gained recognition by the Portuguese life sciences and health research & innovation community, and is raising awareness in Europe.  In addition to the new  “Day-to-day Data Management” course announced here, introductory and advanced courses on data management plans are available, which are beautifully showcased on a brand new released video sponsored by RDA-PT and made available below. This new course will give you the opportunity to become a national pioneer in research data management and, thus, learn the best practices to manage your data and make your research even more effective and successful.

Since July 2019, 2 courses were designed to be delivered face-to-face and remotely. Fifteen courses were delivered to 11 institutions in Portugal, training almost 300 researchers, from 39 different organisations. This strong impact was the engine behind a sponsorship by the Portuguese node of the Research Data Alliance, as well as an endorsement by the INCoDe.2030 initiative.

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