Discover a new Research Data Management tool — RDMKit

Today, the ELIXIR-CONVERGE project releases one of its main outputs — the RDMkit. Developed and managed by those who work daily with life science data, this research data management kit provides a comprehensive guide with best practices applicable to projects from start to end.

The new tool for research data management has three fundamental goals:

  • Empower researchers struggling to manage their research data.
  • Advocate for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) data, data reusability and best practices in research data management.
  • Facilitate the adoption of best practices by academia and industry.

We would like to acknowledge the active participation of Daniel Faria ( | INESC-ID) in the editorial team of the RDMkit as the co-responsible for the "Your Domain" section and the co-author of the "Plant Sciences" domain page.

This resource is the result of an effort done in the scope of ELIXIR-CONVERGE, a three-year Horizon 2020 project that brings together experts from all 23 ELIXIR Nodes, representing 29 research institutes and 22 countries across Europe to work collaboratively on some of the major challenges around accessing, provisioning and distributing data. The development of a data management toolkit sits at the core of the project, providing researchers with a strategy to manage their data to international standards.