The third edition of the course was held on July 20th for the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (IPB), to an audience of 24 participants (2 of which only attended the theoretical lectures), which were mostly post-doctoral researchers and PhD students. It is important to highlight the presence of 9 foreign participants, mainly from African universities, which supports the diversity and value of and its capacity-building activities.

Technically speaking, the course was once again extremely fruitful. Feedback from the participants was very positive and constructive since most participants rated the overall quality of the course as either very good or excellent despite also suggesting very useful tips to improve some minor aspects. During the course, it was possible to watch some relevant discussions about key data management topics, such as open science and FAIR principles, data privacy and the commercial usage of research data.

The following testimonial was left anonymously by one participant:

"This was a great initiative, thank you for sharing this useful information. Looking forward to more workshops"

We would like to thank the participants for their interest, and above all, Dr. Ursula Barron for serving as the contact point at the IPB and advertising the event.

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