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The EXCELERATE project helped kick-start ELIXIR at both the European and national level, enabling it to coordinate and extend data resources to ensure the delivery of world-leading life-science data services. It supported a pan-European training programme, anchored in national infrastructures, to increase bioinformatics capacity and competency. It also provided efficiencies in management and operation throughout the infrastructure.

The tasks in EXCELERATE were divided into the following Work Packages (WPs):

WP1: Tools Interoperability and Service Registry
WP2: Infrastructure for Community-led Benchmarking
WP3: Data Resources and Services
WP4: Compute, Data access and Exchange Services
WP5: The ELIXIR Interoperability Backbone
WP6: Marine Metagenomic Infrastructure as Driver for Research and Industrial Innovation
WP7: Integrating Genomic and Phenotypic Data for Crop and Forest Plants
WP8: ELIXIR Infrastructure for Rare Disease Research
WP9: Secure Archiving, Dissemination and Analysis of Human Access-controlled Data
WP10: ELIXIR Node Capacity Building Programme
WP11: ELIXIR Training Programme
WP12: Excellence in ELIXIR Management and Operations
WP13: Communications, Industry and Community Engagement
WP14: Ethics requirements