July 2nd at the session Creating value from Data Management will have Ulrike Wittig as the Key Note Speaker.

Ulrike Wittig has a background in biochemistry and received her Ph.D. in biology for the experimental work on mechanisms of apoptosis and oxidative stress in mammalian cells. She is a research associate in the Scientific Database and Visualisation group at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS), Germany. For more than 20 years she is active in the development of biological databases, database curation and data management. She is member of the Systems Biology Service Center of de.NBI /ELIXIR-Germany and of the FAIRDOM initiative. Ulrike Wittig is getting involved with the Biocuration community and as a member of the STRENDA commission she actively supports the initiative for Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data.

Ulrike Wittig