The ELIXIR All Hands 2018 meeting took place in Berlin, June 4-7, 2018, gathering together members of all ELIXIR nodes from across Europe. ELIXIR PT in particular was represented by 10 of its members.

The face-to-face meetings from the EXCELERATE work packages on June 4th were very productive, especially the plant sciences use-case (WP7) meeting that lasted twice as long as the other meetings (4 hours) but still seemed short for all that there was to discuss and plan.

The work of the plant sciences use-case in developing MIAPPE 1.1, to which the PT node contributed heavily, was highlighted at several points in the main meeting, as was the validation study undertaken in collaboration between this use case and the interoperability platform.

The meeting was successful in its goals of reviewing ELIXIR achievements and activities so far and discussing plans for the future, and moreover provided ample opportunities for connecting with collaborators. It ended on the good news that next year's All Hands meeting will take place in Lisbon, and will be organized by the ELIXIR PT node.