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Workshop: Research data repositories and tools for human genomics data sharing



The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) is a repository for all sequence and genotype experiment types, including case-control, population, and family studies. The EGA will serve as a permanent archive that will archive several levels of data, including the raw data (which could, for example, be re-analysed in the future by other algorithms) as well as the genotype calls provided by the submitters. 

Responding to national regulations over human data sharing and other constraints, deploys and operates a Local EGA instance and tools that allow data discovery of genomic and phenoclinic data, following the GA4GH standard and international best practices.

This workshop aims at informing the human research community of the status and availability of Local EGA and discuss from several perspectives its need and usability challenges.

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Researchers, scientists, and other curious citizens.


This event is free of charge but registration is required for attendance.

In this event, we follow the Code of Conduct adapted from ELIXIR Hub Code of Conduct for Events, so all participants at events can interact with each other in a respectful and safe environment, safeguarding their personal integrity in case they believe there has been a breach of this Code of Conduct.

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15h00 Keynote - The European Genome Phenome archive and Beacon: human genomics data services for health research cross-borders (Jordi Rambla and Mallory Freeberg, CRG/EBI - Barcelona)

15h20 Flashtalk - The local EGA and Beacon: the Portuguese resources to integrate Portuguese health research data with European resources (Mário Silva)

15h30 Flashtalks

16h00 Debate between panelists and audience

(Moderation: Ana Teresa Freitas)

17h00 Get together with Workshop participants

Jorge Oliveira

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