group was present at the ELIXIR CONVERGE WP1 & WP2 Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

The ELIXIR CONVERGE Work Packages 1 & 2 face-to-face meeting was held in Prague, Czech Republic from March 29th to March 31st, 2023. was represented by Jorge Oliveira.

On the first day, parallel sessions were held for WP1/WP2 where the last deliverables and milestones of the respective work packages were discussed. The session included the M1.3 - Adoption of Best Practices for WP1, and the last training iterations and materials generation for WP2.

The second day was dedicated to the emerging ELIXIR Research Data Management (RDM) community. Interactive discussions and brainstorming sessions were held to establish the context, expectations, and future direction for the success of the community.

The final day was focused on creating a sustainability plan for after CONVERGE ends. A highly successful “unconference” session was held, where all participants had the opportunity to propose ideas for working topics for the emerging community.