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The 2nd workshop of the OATEN (Open Access Tools for Effective Management) staff exchange, entwined with the ELIXIR Training Program in Management - ELITMa being developed under ELIXIR-CONVERGE, will take place from March 28th-30th, in Lisbon, hosted by | ELIXIR Portugal. The event will be hybrid, with 8 ELIXIR Nodes and ELIXIR Hub attending in Lisbon, and 1 Node remotely, in a total of 17 participants.  

The purpose of the OATEN staff exchange is to familiarize ELIXIR Nodes with open-access tools for effective Node management. A series of workshops is unfolding and covering strategic management, financial management and project management, aligned with the ELITMa program.


We are very much looking forward to welcoming you tomorrow!

Participant Nodes: Portugal, Italy, Germany, Israel, Finland, UK, Norway, Czech Republic, Sweden, and the ELIXIR Hub.