Monitoring and evaluating socio-economic impact of research infrastructures has published in 2022 an article at F1000Research reflecting on the socioeconomic impact of its activities during the period 2017-2021, in the light of the recommendations of OECD, ESFRI and RI-PATHS to monitor and evaluate the impact of European Research Infrastructures.

Being the Portuguese node of the ESFRI landmark ELIXIR, and being understaffed with respect to managing human resources, this exercise demanded the adaptation of the mentioned frameworks to a national context and the development of processes enabling it in a low-cost environment.

You can read about the overall process and lessons learned in the article authored by Ana Portugal Melo, Sofia Oliveira, Jorge Oliveira, Corinne Martin and Ricardo Leite, as well as follow the peer review process that led to its publication. Moreover, you can read an opinion interview by Ana Portugal Melo on the F1000Research Blog.