Plant Sciences Community

Description and Goals:

Development of tools and standards for efficient data management in plant sciences, mainly phenotypic and genotypic data, following FAIR data principles. Development of node services for data retrieval and analysis.

As a member of this Community you may engage in:

  • Developing or improving plant node services.
  • Promoting the adoption of the developed resources related to data management by plant scientists, following the FAIR data principles.
  • Maintaining collaboration with european partners at ELIXIR and interaction with other EU Infrastructures.
  • Contributing to the proposal of a National High-Throughput Phenotyping Infrastructure.


How it works: 

  • Main communication channel of the members of this group: Mailing-list and Slack
  • Periodicity of meetings: bi-monthly


Facilitators: Pedro Barros (ITQB NOVA) and Inês Chaves (ITQB NOVA).


RDMkit page:


Related Tools: CorkOakDB, Plant sRNA portal


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