cE3c is committed to a sustainable future. Tackling the challenges posed by global change requires a tighter integration of the knowledge from life and environmental sciences, and cE3c was built to meet this necessity.

At cE3c we acknowledge that producing the necessary knowledge is a crucial step, and that using this knowledge to effectively promote change is another. We combine research with action and integrate science and education, to produce a capable next generation of scientists, a better-informed public, and adequately advised policy.

Our research examines and integrates all levels of biological organization -from organisms up to entire ecosystems (natural and anthropogenic) and is used to support and inform governmental agencies and entities, nonprofit organizations, private companies and citizens. The combined expertise and unique databases of cE3c constitute fundamental repositories of knowledge for Portugal, insular Europe, other Portuguese-speaking countries and the European Union. Not surprisingly, therefore, we have been successful in informing and influencing policy at the regional, national and European level.


A wrapper program to parallelize and automate runs of "Structure", "fastStructure" and "MavericK".
Furthermore, Structure_threader further extends on the parallelization by also automating the estimation of "K", and the MeanQ plotting. These are outputted in 2 formats, a typical vectorial format, of "publication quality" plots, and a new, interactive plot, which is particularly suited for data exploration.


A 454 data analysis pipeline for SNP detection in datasets with no reference sequence or strain information

Next-generation sequencing datasets are becoming more frequent, and their use in population studies is becoming widespread. For non-model species, without a reference genome, it is possible from a panel of individuals to identify a set of SNPs that can be used for further population genotyping. However the lack of a reference genome to which the sequenced data could be compared makes the finding of SNPs more troublesome.

NCBI Mass Downloader

Large dataset downloading made easy

Sequence databases, such as NCBI, are a very important resource in many areas of science. Downloading small amounts of sequences to local storage can easily be performed using any recent web browser, but downloading tens of thousands of sequences is not as simple.