Ready for BioData Management? @ IMM, 06/03

Ready For BioData Management? – Introduction to Data Management Plans is an introductory one-day workshop aiming at disseminating Data Management best practices and teaching the basics of making and using Data Management Plans (DMPs) in the context of research activities.

The workshop features two introductory lectures on Data Management and DMPs, followed by a hands-on DMP exercise where participants will form groups to fill in a DMP for a mock research project on our custom canvas. The produced DMPs will then be presented, discussed and evaluated. 2nd Technical Meeting, Univ. Minho, Braga, 20th Feb.

The 2nd Technical Meeting will take place on the  20th February, preceding the Bioinformatics Open Days BOD 2019. This will be an opportunity to discuss achievements and goals of this research infrastructure and reflect on new paths to trigger. A session on bioinformatics challenges of vine research is part of the program.

This meeting will also take place Universidade do Minho (Campus Gualtar), Informatics Department (Ed. 7) – meeting room (3rd floor)