First application of plant phenotyping standards in the industry | ELIXIR-PT, together with The Navigator Company, is conducting a pilot experiment  to organize the latter’s plant phenotypic data according to the MIAPPE standard and submit example datasets to the ELIXIR-PT Breeding API (BrAPI) end-point.

This marks, to the best of our knowledge, the first time that the MIAPPE standard is adopted by the industry, as well as the first publication of industrial plant phenotyping datasets made available through BrAPI. This is also the first knowledge translation to the industry led by 

MIAPPE is a standard for plant phenotyping that defines the list of attributes necessary to fully describe a phenotyping experiment, and BrAPI is a communication standard for exchanging MIAPPE-compliant data.

The Navigator Company is a leading force in the international pulp and paper market and one of Portugal’s strongest brands on the world stage. In addition to its industrial activities, it carries out extensive research on Eucalyptus breeding and genetics, analysing approximately 300,000 data records, including genotypic and phenotypic data on over 60,000 individuals covering up to 4 generations of pedigree across a range of edaphoclimatic sites. 

This work is occurring in the frame of “Bringing the ELIXIR plant data infrastructure to the Portuguese pulp and paper industry” ELIXIR Knowledge Exchange Scheme, led by

The Navigator Company