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In the morning of the 2nd July some team members will  lead the audience in a pratical exercise about Data Management Planning. 

Hands on DMP Coaching team:

Ana Portugal Melo (IGC)


Ana Portugal Melo is the BioData Executive Director and Deputy Head of Node of ELIXIR PT. Ana is a Biologist with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and a Post-Graduation in Management.
Daniel Faria (IGC)


Daniel Faria is Postdoctoral Researcher at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia learn more about Daniel Faria here

João Cardoso (INESC-ID)


João Cardoso is a junior researcher at the INESC-ID, IDSS - Information and Decision Support Laboratory. He holds a MsC in Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico, and is currently pursueing a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at the same institute. His research domains are conceptual modeling and management, business process management modeling, semantic technologies and data management. 
Ricardo Leite (IGC)


Ricardo Leite has a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology, an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, and a master in Marine Sciences. Ricardo leads the Genomics Unit  of Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciências as well the Bioinformatic Unit as acting head. He's also the Coordinator of the User Support of and has broad scientific experience in bioinformatics, evolution, industrial biotechnology, NGS sequencing, biodefense and marine biotechnology
Yulia Karimova (INESC-TEC)


Yulia Karimova  has a degree in Mathematics and Informatics, a Masters degree in Information and Science, and currently, she's attending a Ph.D. in Digital Media at the University of Porto. She's also a researcher at the INESC TEC and involved in project “TAIL" related to research data management.  Yulia collaborates with researchers from different scientific domains to analyze the difficulties they face during deposit, description, and publish data. With the overall goal to contribute to the development of tools that help researchers facilitate all RDM activities.