Data management

BLAST DataBase Manager

Graphical user interface that allows you to create high quality sequence datasets using the tools included. Using these tools you can perform several common tasks such as doing BLAST alignments, getting the open reading frames of the sequences in a Fasta file or changing the format of a Fasta file. All these task make use of several known tools such as EMBOSS, bedtools, and NCBI's BLAST, Splign and Compart.

Ready for BioData Management?

Ready for BioData Management? is's capacity building program in data management for the life sciences.

Its goals are to empower researchers and institutions in managing their data more effectively and efficiently, and to promote best practices such as the FAIR data principles and machine-actionable Data Management Plans.

Seminar: Latest developments in the FAIR data ecosystem

Good data stewardship is central to allow addressing tomorrow’s sustainability questions today. I will give an overview on important factors to consider FAIR data stewardship and solutions to help with the development of a good data stewardship plan. Although, everybody nowadays claims to be FAIR, there is no real good definition yet what FAIR in practice means. To solve this, FAIR metrics are under development and this initiative will be briefly discussed. From my background as Plant Breeder, I will address where the FAIR data principles play a role in my research. Although many of the important tools to do so are available, adaptation of these in breeding research community is slow. However, this will need to change and to exemplify this, I will briefly discuss the ambitions and expected outcome of the H2020 projects TRADITOM and G2P-SOL, and end with illustrating the Farm Data Train concept.