BioData @ IST Bioengineering Week

A member from IBB (Institute of Bioengineering and Biosciences), Miguel Teixeira will join the AbracaDATA panel at ISTécnico's Bioengineering Week next 18th March. A BioData service example - Yeastract - an e-infrastructure for research on gene and genomic regulation in yeasts - will be presented. Together with Pedro Fernandes (GTPB/IGC), Isabel Vaz (H da Luz) and Nuno Morais (IMM) will be discussed the fusion of modern Biology and Computacional Sciences.

PDA19 - Proteomics Data Analysis

Mass spectrometry based proteomic experiments generate ever larger datasets and, as a consequence, complex data interpretation challenges. In this course, the concepts and methods required to tackle these challenges will be introduced, covering peptide and protein identification, quantification, and differential analysis. Moreover, more advanced experimental designs and blocking will also be introduced. The core focus will be on shotgun proteomics data, and quantification using label-free precursor peptide (MS1) ion intensities. The course will rely exclusively on free and user-friendly software, all of which can be directly applied in your lab upon returning from the course. You will also learn how to submit data to PRIDE/ProteomeXchange, which is a common requirement for publication in the field, and how to browse and reprocess publicly available data from online repositories. The course will thus provide a solid basis for beginners, but will also bring new perspectives to those already familiar with standard data interpretation procedures in proteomics.

Fórum Empresas: gestão avançada de dados para a criação de valor

O Fórum Empresas: gestão avançada de dados para a criação de valor, organizado pela BioData e PBio, vai juntar quatro empresas nacionais com atividade ligada ao sector da saúde, do mar, da agricultura e da bioindústria, para contarem as suas histórias e inspirarem novas ideias e novas empresas. Haverá ainda oportunidade para discutir as melhores práticas em curadoria, gestão e utilização de biodados, bem como utilização de ferramentas de bioinformática, essenciais para o seu sucesso. 

[ELIXIR TeC] ELIXIR Bioinformatics Suppliers Forum (EBSF)

The ELIXIR Bioinformatics Suppliers Forum (EBSF) is a one day event for suppliers of bioinformatics services, solutions and resources. Suppliers can learn about ELIXIR services with a focus on compute, bioinformatics tools, and AI, and exchange technical information relating to their products through scientific presentations or demonstrations. The Forum will be highly interactive with opportunities for informal networking as well as structured discussions and presentations.

CPANG19 - Computational PANGenomics

In this course, we will explore the use of modern bioinformatic tools that allow researchers to use pangenomes as their reference system when engaging in studies of organisms of all types. Such techniques will aid any researcher working on organisms of high genetic diversity or on organisms lacking a high-quality reference genome. This course targets all researchers interested in learning about an exciting paradigm shift in computational genomics.

Biome-Shiny: Automatic, interactive plots to visualize environmental diversity | 28/Nov @ IGC Open Day Universities

Metagenomics is a branch that processes large quantities of biological data, extracted directly from an environment. In order to derive useful information from this great volume of data, it is necessary to make use of informatics support, which, in turn, implies to a need to know how to use various tools and programming languages, and the need to develop tools to simplify the data analysis. Biome-Shiny is a tool created to bridge the gap between traditional Biology and Bioinformatics, providing a user-friendly interface to visualize microbiome data, allowing any user to generate and export interactive plots and tables, without needing to understand the background code.

Forum Value Creation for Healthcare System’s Genomic Data

Forum Value Creation for Healthcare System’s Genomics Data will join experts from healthcare, research, bioinformatics and data management, and ethics fields to share and discuss their views and their institutions priorities towards data management and the creation of value for citizens and society. There will be time to engage with the panel of experts to share your ideas and concerns. P-BIO: Bioinformatics in Business

This event, integrated in the program of the Bioinformatics Open Days 2020, is an opportunity to engage with experienced entrepreneurs from several companies, in addition to members from and P-BIO, in a series of round tables to discuss how Bioinformatics can play a role in business. It is organized by P-Bio and and coordinated by Filipa Sacadura and Ana Portugal Melo. To attend register at the Bioinformatics Open Days 2020 website, or click in the link below to register for Bioinformatics Open Days 2020.