• Posted on: 3 January 2020
  • By: Daniel Faria
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Start date: 
Saturday, February 1, 2020
End date: 
Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The diversity, complexity and volume, as well as privacy and regulatory considerations, necessitate a
collaborative and federated approach to life-science data. For scientists to find and share data across Europe
and world-wide, ELIXIR needs to continuously develop and connect its services. The international ecosystem
provided by ELIXIR – with 220 institutes in 23 Nodes, connecting hundreds of bioinformatics services – is
globally unique and a competitive advantage for European research. Through our national Nodes ELIXIR has
the geographical spread, service portfolio and expertise to fulfil our ambition that every European project uses
FAIR data based on common standards, tools and services.

The initial operational phase of ELIXIR, supported by the H2020 ELIXIR-EXCELERATE project, focussed
on the coordination and delivery of bioinformatics services from national Nodes. This lay the foundation for a
coordinated European infrastructure. ELIXIR-CONVERGE will build on these achievements to deliver
another critical component: the provisioning, across Europe, of distributed local support for data management
based on a toolkit for researchers that enables lifecycle management for their research data according to
international standards.

ELIXIR-CONVERGE will develop the national operations of such a distributed research infrastructure to drive
good data management, reproducibility and reuse in a heterogeneous funding landscape. Over 36 months and
with partners from our 23 Nodes, ELIXIR-CONVERGE takes the next step to realise a European data
federation where interconnected national operations, strategically managed via national research infrastructure
roadmaps, allow users to extract knowledge from life science’s large, diverse and distributed datasets. By
connecting ELIXIR Nodes to provide FAIR data management as a service, ELIXIR-CONVERGE will build
national capacity and create a blueprint for operating sustainable Nodes in distributed research infrastructures.