Communities and Platforms are operational instruments of Communities group different life sciences domains and Platforms different areas of activity that are transversal to the communities. Focus Groups are agile structures that bring interested parties together around a particular topic.


Marine Metagenomics

The Marine Metagenomics Community intends to develop a sustainable infrastructure to enhance research and innovation in the marine domain.

Cymon Cox (CCMAR) [Coordinator]

João Machado (CCMAR)

Ricardo Leite (IGC)

Rodrigo Costa (IST)

Microbiology and Biotechnology

The Microbiology and Biotechnology Community is focused on the development of microbial models for metabolic reconstruction and strain optimization as well as their integration with omics databases.

Diogo Lima (U.Minho)

Isabel Rocha (ITQB-NOVA)

Isabel Sá Correia (IST)

Miguel Rocha (U.Minho)

Miguel Teixeira (IST)

Óscar Dias (U.Minho)

Pedro Monteiro (INESC-ID)

Pedro Pais (IST)

Romeu Viana (IST)


The Neurosciences Community intends to create a framework, both in terms of standards, via a behavioral ontology, but also in terms of computational tools for video analysis of behavior.

Pedro Garcia da Silva (F.Champalimaud) [Coordinator]

Luís Teixeira (F.Champalimaud)

João Baúto (F.Champalimaud)

Plant Sciences

The Plant Sciences Community aims to establish a technical infrastructure to allow plant genotype-phenotype analysis in accordance with the FAIR principles.

Célia Miguel (FCUL) [Coordinator]

Bruno Costa (iBET)

Daniel Faria (INESC-ID/IST)

Filippo Bergeretti (ITQB-NOVA)

Inês Chaves (iBET)

Marcos Ramos (CEBAL)

Marta Silva (ITQB-NOVA)

Nelson Saibo (ITQB-NOVA)

Pedro Barros (ITQB-NOVA)



The Compute Platform develops services to make it easier to store, share and analyse large datasets.

Jorge Oliveira (IGC) [Coordinator]

José Luís Oliveira (UA) [Coordinator]

Alexandre Francisco (INESC-ID)

Fernando Mira da Silva (IST)

João Garcia (IGC)

João Sousa (IGC)

José Borbinha (INESC-ID)

Pedro Monteiro (INESC-ID)

Mário Silva (INESC-ID)

Data and Interoperability

The Interoperability Platform develops and encourages the adoption of standards to describe life science data.

Daniel Faria (INESC-ID/IST) [Coordinator]

Cátia Pesquita (LASIGE/FCUL) [Coordinator]

Jorge Oliveira (IGC)

José Borbinha (INESC-ID)

Mário Silva (INESC-ID)


The Training Platform helps scientists and developers find the training they need, and also provides that training.

Pedro Fernandes (IGC) [Coordinator]

Ana Portugal Melo (IGC) [Deputy Coordinator]

Daniel Faria (INESC-ID/IST)

Bioinformatics Support

The Bioinformatics Support Platform helps researchers find the best software tools to analyse their data, and also provide that analysis.

Ricardo Leite (IGC) [Coordinator]

Cristina Vieira (IBMC)

Hugo Lopéz-Fernández (IBMC)

Pedro Ferreira (IBMC)


Focus Groups

Health Data

The Health Data Focus Group intends to be the incubator of ideas relating to health data.

Ana Portugal Melo (IGC)

Mário Silva (INESC-ID)

Jorge Oliveira (IGC)


The Industry Focus Groups comprise a structure to discuss about the engagement of external stakeholders, especially those related to the local industry.

Filipa Sacadura (P-BIO) [Coordinator]

Ana Portugal Melo (IGC)

Ana Teresa Freitas (INESC-ID/IST)

José Pereira Leal (P-BIO)

Simão Soares (SilicoLife)